The variety of species of plants, animals and different microorganisms available on Earth and their biological diversity is together known as biodiversity. Our biologically diverse Earth has an abundance of varied species of plants and animals with different genes, different ecosystems such as coral reefs, deserts and rainforests etc. Though the exact number of species is not known, the range can vary between 2 million to 100 million. Out of these, scientists and biologists have identified only about 1.8 million.

Each species, however big or small has an important part to play which helps to balance ecology of the planet and boosts the ecosystem. But industrialization, power and greed have all affected this balance and made it insecure and shaky.

But why is Biodiversity so important?

More the varied number of plants, the greater are the chances of getting different crops all throughout the year. Similarly, diversified species ensures natural sustainability for all lives on Earth and healthy ecosystems that can help to recover from a variety of natural disasters. Apart from this the need to give more attention to the coral reefs is of utmost importance since it is one of the most neglected ecosystem and also one of the richest in biodiversity.

But even then loss of biodiversity continues since most humans do not understand its innumerable benefits. The deteriorating and vanishing ecosystems, massive extinctions, decreased conservation of forest, illegal hunting etc, is taking its toll on the planets ecosystem which can prove really detrimental to humans as well as animal lives.

Therefore preserving the ecosystem, conserving the flora and fauna of the planet and preserving species are some of the most important tasks of humans to self-sustain themselves.